Marketing that strengthens your brand

Together we create a profile that suits your customer segments with appealing graphical design that works branding.


We are happy to create digital media productions for web and social media. For exampel websites, e-commerce, digital brochures, banners, business pages on Facebook, Youtube and presentations etc.


We produce not only for the web but also materials to be used for printing. It may be originals for newspaper ads, brochures, roll-ups, flyers, letterheads and business cards etc.


To perpetuate experiences, details, people and emotions are fun and inspiring. Maybe you need images for marketing? The camera is mostly carried along due to a big interest in photographing.

Design and graphic design are always included as a natural element.

Applies to all our production

Try to get the big picture and always profile the company with the same spirit.

That is brand-building communications

Digital services based on your wishes and needs


In many businesses, the Internet is the most effective channel for information, marketing, sales, service and customer care. A web solution that is optimum for its purpose takes advantage of the potential. We build websites with WordPress which is a modern search-engine-friendly publishing tool where you can develop the website further itself. All websites by us evolve with individual design for each client and we are building with responsive design that automatically adjusts the website’s content and layout to mobiles and tablets.

E-commerce, web shop

More and more customers want to buy their goods via computer, tablet and mobile. Many are relying on search results on the Internet when they buy a product or service. By starting a web shop you will increase availability, improve customer service and thereby increase sales. Many well-known chains that run a web shop are convinced that e-commerce will help to increase sales in physical stores. Do you want to start an online store and sell products and services, perhaps through a booking calendar? We implement the system including shipping calculation and payment solution. Once the products are then pickled, just start selling.

Social media

Social media can be defined as the millions of conversations that take place on the web every day, and the art of how they are implemented. Today, many companies and organizations use social media to communicate with their target groups, because it is a quick and easy way to reach and create a dialogue. Social media is also a new and growing tool in marketing. Obviously, the website must be integrated with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc. If you have not already a Facebook page, we can start one.

User-friendly CMS

All new websites we create comes with a great easy to use Content Management System (CMS) which will make it easier for you if you want to maintain your website yourself. You will easily be able to add news, text and images.

Newsletters to subscribers

Let your visitors sign up for a subscription service and send newsletters to your customers. The newsletters can be sent out at any time you publish a news article, or collect more news in a regular mailings once a month or so.

Visitor statistics

We connect the website to Google Analytics, an analytical tool that measures the traffic of the website. This provides relevant insights into how visitors use the site, how they got there, where they come from and whether they use a computer or e-reader. Both historical statistics and real-time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the technique to get a website appear as high up as possible in the results for searches on search engines such as Google. Since the search engine ranking of websites is done automatically have arisen different ways of designing the website to get a better placement. Search engines strive to reward the things that are useful to the visitor such as relevancy, unique materials, ease of use and the right design and code. Search engine optimization is about focusing on these properties. In all new productions included a basic search engine adaptation for the website to be found among the huge variety of websites.


Responsive web design

As we increasingly use mobiles and tablets when we search for information, working and shopping across the network one should bear in mind that the website should be readable in all sizes of web windows. Nearly 70% of all visits to the Internet is via alternative browsers than computers; such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. We create websites where the layout transforms itself depending on the screen size.

Education, update and support

During delivery we will do a review together how the website can be edited, how to add users to manage the website, check out the statistics and make a first newsletter. Thanks to the easy-to-use editing tool with “drag and drop” the users need not have prior knowledge of html code. In time, perhaps the website will need to be updated with new features and software versions, or just needed a little support. We will be here to help.


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Jennipher brochure and logotype

Nord West brochure

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