Support for all Nord West owners

After more than 20 years with the brand, we are here for anyone who has a NordWest.

Technical support and education

Sometimes problems arise which leads to all sorts of questions. All Nord West owners are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help with technical support. When we sell a boat we have a thorough education with the boat’s new owner. This is usually greatly appreciated and if there is time it may also be provided to you who purchased a Nord West elsewhere. But we will be delighted if you buy a boat from us of course!

Documentation and registration

Should you sell, mortgage or register your Nord West in a ship’s registry? Several original documents will be required. For example, often Builder’s Certificate, Bill of Sale, Declaration of conformity regarding CE certification, de-registration from the previous ship registry mm. Sometimes it is also requires that the signatures by the yard are attested by a Public Notary, which we can arrange at an authorized attorney.

Accessories and spare parts

You can order spare parts and accessories for Nord West boats in our webshop. We have a large network among suppliers in the boating industry and knows where the equipment can be purchased. If you need something not listed on the website please contact us and we may expand the product range. You can personalize and renew the look and feel onboard. Many of the parts are manufactured specially for your boat when an order is placed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which teak oil is recommended?

It’s a personal preference that determines whether to treat teak deck or let it get a natural silver-gray colour. If you like the boat to have a golden tone season after season as if it were newly laid, then we recommend that you use Teak Wonder treatment series with washing, bleaching and sealer with waterproofing which restores graying teak and maintains and preserves teak golden glow. Can be bought in the webshop.

Where can covers for Nord West 330, 355 and 410 be purchased?

When the Nord West 330, 355 and 410 were produced the covers varied much so now we cannot sell standard covers for these models. Instead, we recommend you to go to a local cover manufacturer and ask them to do a new cover, either by copying the boat’s existing cover and start from there or to make a new one by measuring.

Why don't we get any hot water onboard?

The water boiler onboard is connected so that the water is heated by the engine when it is running, as well as by an immersion heater in the hot water boiler. The immersion heater warms the water when shorepower is connected (or the boat’s generator running if such is installed).

The immersion heater requires:

  • The fuse “Boiler” in the 230V system must be turned on (upwards). The fuse box can be found in NW370/newer 420/430 in the technical room in port mid cabin. On several of the older models the fuse box is located in the locker on the port side in the cockpit.
  • In models NW330/355/390/410/older 420 : A 230-volt socket from the water heater must be plugged in. On NW355/390 it can be found in the cabinet on the port side of the cockpit.
  • In models NW370/newer 420/430 : In the galley there is a button that must be turn on for the immersion heater to be actived. It might be labeled ” Boiler “, ” Hot Water “, or no mark at all.

If all of the above is checked, then a fuse on the hot water boiler may have tripped. It happens if the boiler was turned on and the boat had no water in the tank. The fuse is located on the top edge fore the water boiler under a protective cover (if you press the outside of the cap at the top, it will click) .

Why have I no longer a green light on the Seafire indicator for the fire extinguisher in the engine room?

If so, this is likely one of the following things has occurred:

* The fire extinguisher in engine has been triggered (can be checked on the bottle in the engine room) and need to be re-filled.

* The lamp needs to be replaced (click here to buy a new lamp).

Which varnish to use on mahogany railings?

The wood needs to sand the mahogny into pure wood.
We normally put on three layers of stain Y AA-825.
The white colour in the letters is Temadur 90 with hardener Temadur 008-7590.
Then we put on 7 layers gloss varnish Temadur with hardener Temadur 008-7590.
We buy the material from a company called Lackman in the town Uddevalla.

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