Buying or selling a boat?

We can help you choose the right new boat and sell your used boat.

Your guide when purchasing a boat

Are you looking to buy a new or used boat? Whether it is a motorboat or sailing yacht you are looking for, it would be our pleasure to guide you in your choice of boat and equipment. Maybe you will fall in love with one of the boats we have for sale, or we will help you find a boat for sale somewhere else in the world. If you are about to order a new boat we can give advice regarding important questions to consider. Together we can visit boat shows, dealers or shipyards. Let us discuss what is important to you and your family and we will do our utmost to find the boat for you and make the buying process into a memorable experience.

Your broker in boat brokerage

Do you plan to sell your current boat? We are specialized in brokerage of second hand boats in good condition. It might be a boat of the brand Nord West, Nimbus, Princess, Fairline, Storbro, Aquador, Sunseeker, Azimut, Princess, or maybe a Hallberg Rassy, Najad, Malo, Swan, Oyster, Jeanneau, Beneteau and Bavaria. After a lifetime in the marine industry, we have many contacts and we use international sales channels. Together we discuss the possibilities and then we overlook refurbishing, make a professional marketing material and begin the sales process.

Market research

When buying or selling a boat it is important to make an international market survey to get an idea about pricing world wide. We keep an eye on how price levels change over time and produce relevant documentation on the boat model to provide a recommendation to the buyer and seller.

Photography and video

For each brokerage mission, we develop a professional marketing material including equipment list, photographs and video that we use to help a buyer make a correct decision regarding purchase of the boat. It might be a boat you want us to help you sell, or a boat you want to buy and therefore need advice and recommendations.

Refurbishing and service

If you buy a used boat you will certainly want it to be fresh and properly serviced for a safe and trouble free boating season. If current boat is to be sold, it should also be reconditioned before advertising to appeal to speculators. We are happy to organize the refurbish of your boat! Read more about our services.

Inspection survey

Initially, we do ourselves an inspection of the boat. Before the final delivery, we recommend inspection survey by an authorized inspector. Normally the inspection begins first on land and then on the water. When the survey protocol is handed over by the inspector after a few days we will go through it together with the buyer and the seller so that both parties are aware of the boat’s condition and come to an agreeing on possible measures which might be needed.

Financing and funding

We can provide boat financing or leasing via bank contacts to customers living in some countries. The boat is then used as collateral for the loan and how much you can borrow varies from country to country. The loan period can be up to 20 years. Together we set up a repayment plan that is tailored to the size of your loan and model of your boat.


When we sell a boat we make Contract and Bill of Sale documents. When buying a boat, we give you advice on which documents should be drawn up and handed to you as the new owner of the boat. For example, it often involves the Builder’s Certificate, ownership transfers such as Bill of Sale (often in several stages), Declaration of compliance with CE certification (for boats entering into the EU, or if the boat is manufactured in 1998 or later), Ship registration etc.

Technical briefing and training

Well before delivered the boat is launched and we perform a thorough testing and testdrive to make sure that everything on board is functional. Then it is time for technical briefing and training with the boat’s new owner. We recommend that the entire family or crew is present at the handover where we together have a thorough test of the boat and equipment. After the education, training and a satisfactory test drive, you can move on board and stay as a guest in the marina the first night. It tends to be a number of new questions that we go through the next day.


There are several insurance companies that offer boat and yacht insurance. What insurance you should choose depends on factors such as the age of the boat and in which oceans the yacht will be used. The conditions are often difficult to compare, but together, we go through what is important to think about and highlights the differences so that you as a boat owner can take the right decision. We work with the insurance companies Atlantica, which is active in Scandinavia, and Pantaenius, which offers insurance worldwide.


Buyers and sellers often come from different areas and the boat needs to be transported, sometimes from a country or coast to another. We have good relations with carriers who can transport the boat on trailer, or skippers who can sail the yacht if you prefer the sea route. However, we recommend that before home transport to take advantage of handover procedure which in addition to training and familiarity with the new boat also provides an opportunity to make sure all equipment works. We want to provide a solid foundation for an enjoyable experience onboard your new boat!

It would be a pleasure to help you, please tell us more about the boat! Buy a boat Sell a boat