Humphree trim and stabilisation system

After having tested installations in Nord West 370/420/430, both SportsTop and Flybridge versions, it is our opinion that Humphree’s interceptors and their automatic control system are in fact amazing.

Several of the installations included interceptors and all functionalities; Auto Trim, Auto Listings, Coordinated the turn and Active Ride Control. The system increased speed, reduced turning radius and fuel consumption, balanced turns more and reduced the acceleration time significantly. Humphrees roll damping system Active Ride Control even lowered the boat’s rollovers considerably. Sitting on the flybridge and steering with Coordinated Turn is extremely comfortable!


Auto Trim Control

Accelerating and operating at different speeds often means the boat will run with various trim angles. In many situations this results in a poor trim angle, high wave resistance, bad visibility and reduced comfort. Instead of manual adjustment of the Humphree Interceptors, the Automatic Trim Control will give full automatic control of the longitudinal trim by pushing a button.


Auto List Control

Uneven loading, cross winds and varying conditions will normally cause the boat to list. When running in a straight course, Automatic List Control will correct the boat list to a preset target list angle, usually zero degrees. This can be changed by the operator to intentionally list the boat. When the boat enters a turn the system will allow the boat to heel naturally during the turn and once the boat has left the turn the system will continue to correct the boat to the preset target list angle.

Coordinated Turn

For numerous applications the heel angle when turning can be significantly improved to obtain higher speed and increased comfort.The Coordinated Turn Control automatically adjusts the heeling angle of the boat during turns to reduce the side forces for people on board.The system continuously monitors the rudder position during the turn and the Interceptor blade movement is thus automatically coordinated with the rudder movement. With a controlled heel angle, higher turning speeds and better comfort can be achieved.The boat’s turning ability can also be significantly improved as a result of the steering force created by the Interceptor which increases the yaw motion of the boat.

Active Ride Control

When operating in open waters wave induced roll and pitch motions onboard vessels usually causes discomfort to all onboard. With a humphree ACTIVE ride control system these motions can be significantly reduced. The ACTIVE system also includes automatic trim and list control moreover compensating for cross winds or uneven loadings – all in one system.

Full automatic control of the trim angle

Auto Trim Control

Straighten the boat's tilting sideways

Auto List Control

Reducing lateral forces in tight turns and improves turning radius

Coordinated Turn

All in one system!

Active Ride Control

10% lower fuel consumption with Auto Trim

Från tester gjorda av Humphree
Trim tab position

How does it work?

The basic principle of the interceptor trim tab is to create preassure underneath the hull, at the stern of the boat. The pressure is created when the blade is deployed into the waterflow underneath the hull. This lift will change the running trim of the vessel resulting in a lower wave resistance. That is way the interceptor blade need to reach as deep as possible below the boat to create as much lifting force as possible.

Humphree has the fastest and longest interceptor blades on the market, which gives a very good result instantly. With interceptor blades of at least 50 mm length moving with accuracy and high speed the movement of the boat will be affected tremendously.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested of an installation onboard, please contact me and I will tell you more about Humphree trim och stabilisation systems for boats. I would be happy to give my view and recommendation.

 – Benny Martinsson, Design & Construction of Nord West boats

Humphree Trim tabs installation kit